Guide for teachers: How does it feel to see your nude images spread?

This is a guide for those working in schools. It contains information on how to discuss nude photos online with children and young people. 

​Sending nude photos does not need to be a problem. It is common for children and young people to share nude photos to flirt with each other and as a way of exploring their sexuality. But if the photos are spread in an uncontrolled way, and against the child’s will, it can be deeply offensive to the person who it happens to. According to Swedish law, those spreading the photo may also have committed a crime.    

Those working with children and young people have an important responsibility to inform them about their rights, consent and grey zones – both to prevent children from being victims of a crime and to prevent them from committing a crime against others. It is important for you as an adult to show that you can understand the reality that young people live in. This can help to create a bridge of trust between generations.      

This guide for teachers contains information for you as a teacher as well as exercises that are suitable for children at the secondary and upper secondary levels.  

If you have any questions about the guide, you are welcome to contact 


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